Grief Composting Circle Day ~ Sun 10th March ~ Totnes
‘Grief has always been communal, always been shared and regarded as a sacred process. Too often in modern times our grief becomes private, carrying an invisible mantle of shame forcing our sorrow underground, hidden from the eyes that would offer healing.' Francis Weller

Welcome to a day dedicated to Grief Composting, with a talk in the morning and Grief Circle Ceremony in the afternoon.
Please sign up with this form and transfer your contribution to book your place for the day.

Sun 10th March
Limited to 15 people

To book your place please transfer a deposit of £30
You will have the opportunity to contribute more at the door of your feel moved to. Suggestion £60 for the whole day

Please add GCC03 as a reference to your transfer.
Cooperative Bank
Acc: 14227617
Sort code: 08-93-00

If needed, Azul's number is 07765 257517 (note that in Devon the phone does not work very well)

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​“Tears have a reason to be here, a tear is a prayer. It’s also a way to say yes to life. It’s the other side of joy. If you can’t express your grief, you can’t be genuinely happy. Tears enable us to be alive.” Sobonfu Some.
Grief Composting Circles are part of SOULand: Making the World of our Longing ~~~
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