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Here are some answers to common questions.
-- We can accommodate 8-25 participants. Fewer students can make it tougher and more is a bit overwhelming for one teacher.
-- We need an open room that can handle the number of participants standing in a circle. If you want to come to our theater space, that's totally fine! Scheduling can be sometimes be tricky depending on how far out we can plan.
-- If the participants are under 18, it helps to get an age range so we can customize the lesson plan. For 18 and under we typically need 60-90 minutes. Less than 60 is doable (but less rewarding) and more than 90 minutes make it harder to keep kids focused.

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For 18 and under we typically need 60-90mins for the improv workshop. Less than 60min is doable but less rewarding. More than 90min can be harder due to focus issues. We often schedule a 2 hour block of time to allow for socializing at the start and/or end of the workshop.
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We will do our best to schedule your event at the theater if you want us to host it. If you want us to come to you, we just need enough room to have everyone stand in a circle. Noisy places like gymnasiums or outdoors make it really hard to do improv. We promise to do our best to work with you no matter the venue.
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