2019 SC HOSA State Leadership Conference STUDENT Survey
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Competitive Event Section
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Please rate the Symposium sessions you attended.
Zumba Fitness-"There's a Zumba™ class FOR EVERYBODY and EVERYBODY," Kelly Kemmerlin *
"I'm the Man!", "Stinky Feet", and "Bonfires, Beer, and The Burn Center"- Tales and Trials from Twenty Years in the ER Trenches, Dr. Jill Healey *
"Who's In the Box?," Bradley Smith *
"National Pediatric Cancer Foundation Engagement", Riya Gupta *
"Mental Health: Say It Out Loud", Jean Ann Lambert *
"Pharmacy: The Healthcare Career with an Option for Every Personality," Dr. Amy Grant *
"21st Century Forensic Genealogy: Solving the Unsolvable," Dr. Steve Lambert *
"March2Success: A Free, On-Line, Academic Skills Enhancement Program for High School Students, Educators and Parents,” Shantelle James *
"Stop The Bleed," Hank Hill *
"Career Paths in Sports Medicine," Dr. Jim Mensch *
"The Benefits of Pet Therapy in a Clinical Setting," Cathy C. Bennett *
"The Patient's Perspective, part 2," Bill Coon *
"Help Patients NOW with Keep Swimming Foundation!" Bill Coon *
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Did you visit the SC HOSA website prior to the conference? *
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Did you enjoy the Ice-Cream Social after Opening Session on Thursday evening? *
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What new Ideas did you take away from the conference?
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