Mottram CC Virtual Quiz Registration 21/11
Please complete this page to enter the Quiz. MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER YOUR TEAM NAME!

Should you have any urgent questions throughout, please message on the club Facebook group, where will advise as best as we can.

We're live on YouTube & Facebook from 7:45pm on Saturday.

Please read the following carefully:

We have only one rule.... it's an obvious one...
- Don't use the internet to find your answer. Where's the fun in that. The enjoyment of everyone is key, so don't ruin it!

- Make sure you enter your team name at the top of each Round Answer Sheet.
- Make sure you don't navigate away from each answer page once you have begun to enter answers.
- Make sure you click submit at the bottom, when you are happy with all your answers.

As you press submit, we get your answers, which we will then begin to mark.

Thank you for playing and best of luck!
Team Name *
Please enter your team name here. Remember, it's a family club, so be nice! Profanities will be redacted.
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