Classroom Reservations
Two seminar rooms and three auditoria on the Conrad A. Elvehjem Building's lower level may be reserved for visual arts and humanities-related activities by university departments and units as well as non-university organizations. Such activities may include special lectures and symposia (but not normal classroom use) provided they focus on the visual arts or the humanities and serve the missions of the College of Letters & Science and the University of Wisconsin.

Room Reservation Policies:
Use of the Elvehjem Building must conform to building and university policies, rules, and regulations. The Department of Art History is the controlling agency for the reserving, scheduling, and use of the auditoria and seminar-conference rooms. The auditoria and seminar rooms are primarily available for the classes and programs of the Department of Art History, the Chazen Museum of Art, and the Kohler Art Library, but may be reserved by other campus units and non-UW groups if scheduling permits. Non-UW groups will be charged a room and equipment use fee.

Please note the following terms:
- To avoid any confusion, all events should be advertised as taking place in the Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, 800 University Avenue (NOT the Chazen Museum of Art).
- On-site fundraising events, admission charges, or donations for events and programs are not allowed. Sales of memberships or publications are not allowed.
- Use of building facilities may not impede or endanger safety and care of the museum or library collections, the building, or its contents.
- The sponsoring organization shall leave the space as it was found.
- The sponsoring organization is responsible for any extraordinary expenses (e.g. janitorial service, security officers, labor, etc.) associated with the use of the facilities and will be billed directly for any such expenses.
- The Chazen Museum's Pest Management program prohibits food and beverages in the museum’s public areas, including conference rooms, classrooms, auditoria, hallways, library or galleries. The agent for the sponsoring organization is responsible for communicating this information to guests. This rule will be strictly enforced by building security, Chazen Museum staff, and university faculty.

Room Reservation Requests:
To reserve a room please submit a Room Reservation Request Form (below). Inquiries about room availability should be directed to Chris Stricker, the Department of Art History’s administrative assistant.

To allow for the scheduling of classes, room requests cannot be accepted more than 6 months prior to an event and no later than 2 weeks before your event. Due to schedule conflicts and room attendant availability last minute requests to change the event location or time may not be possible.

Please complete all fields on the room reservation form and include detailed information about the nature of the event, title of lecture or film, lecturer's name, program announcement, etc. It is very important that you specify your equipment needs in the room reservation request. For questions about the rooms and their audio-visual capabilities, please contact the Art History office at 263-2340.

Reservations are not final until room availability is confirmed and the request is approved. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email and event information will be distributed to the events coordinator, the Art History visual resources curator, and Chazen Museum staff and security.

Changes and Cancellations:
Please contact the Department of Art History administrative assistant to make any reservation changes. A new room reservation form may be required. Room or time changes may be made subject to availability. The Department of Art History cannot accommodate changes on the day of the event. Cancellations must be submitted to the administrative assistant. If you know that your event has been cancelled please be sure to inform Art History so that others can use the room. Moving events between classrooms is not allowed without approval.

The fees listed below are the charged to non-UW organizations for the use of the facility for a single lecture, a partial day, or full day session. Partial days include a morning, an afternoon, or an evening. Fees are due and payable on or before the day of scheduled use. Fees are subject to change.

- Single lecture fee: $100
- Half-day fee: $300
- Full-day fee: $500

About the Classrooms :
- Room L140, Class of 1915 Auditorium (Capacity: 146)
- Room L150, Class of 1916 Auditorium (Capacity: 92)
- Room L160, Phillips Auditorium (Capacity: 289)
- Room L166, Slichter Seminar Room (Capacity: 25)
- Room L170, Peterson Seminar Room (Capacity: 25)

The Elvehjem Building auditoria and seminar rooms have built-in projection screens and digital projectors with digital inputs including VGA connections for laptops and DVD players. The auditoria also have microphones (fixed and wireless) and assisted listening devices. Other equipment such as 35mm slide projectors, VHS players, and overheard transparency projectors may be available upon request. Please see the Classroom Information page for more details about each room.

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If you have any questions, please contact Chris Stricker at (608) 263.2340
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