Vanished Archives @ DB (《消失的檔案》愉景灣放映會)
Date 日期: 2017/9/23 (Sat)

Time 時間: 02:30pm - 05:30pm (Admission begins at 02:00pm 下午二時開始入場)

Venue 地點: Performing Arts Theate (G/F), Discovery College, Discovery Bay 愉景灣智新書院地下放映室

Language 語言: Cantonese with English subtitles 廣東話含英文字幕

Length 長度: 2 hours plus 1 hour sharing session 兩小時另加一小時分享會

Guest 嘉賓: Director Connie Lo Yan-wai 羅恩惠導演,Emily Lau Wai-hing 劉慧卿,Simon Chu Fuk-keung 朱福強

Ticket 費用: $50 per person (Fee to be paid at the time of admission 入場時付費) *

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Documentary summary 影片簡介
“Vanished Archives” is an image record of the 1967 riots, an important historic event in contemporary Hong Kong.

The production team interviewed people who have directly involved and witnessed the riots. They are leaders from the leftist camp and trade unions, former police officers, seniors government servants, members of the explosives team, journalists and students. Large amount of newspaper clippings and declassified National Archives of the British Government were also reviewed in the process. Among all others, the “Notes on 1967” written by Ng Tik-chow, deputy head of the HK & Macao Group of the Foreign Affairs Office under the State Council, revealed that the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party was well informed of details of the riots and issued orders from time to time.

For over 4 years, film director Connie Lo Yan-wai persevered in tracking down, consolidation and analysis of the massive amount of information to reconstruct the historic segments of profound and far-reaching impacts on the territory. “Respect the facts, and learn from the lessons.” This is the vision of the director.

We want to find the real 1967 Hong Kong.




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