Whitewater Grocery Co. Volunteer Agreement
Thank you for volunteering for the Whitewater Grocery Co., your (future) friendly neighborhood grocer supporting fresh and local products.

This Agreement is made between Whitewater Grocery Co. and you regarding your volunteer relationship with GroCo.
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Code of Conduct: As a GroCo volunteer, you will have regular and significant contact with many of our owners and business partners. Since your contact with these individuals is a direct result of our relationship with them, you agree to treat them in a friendly and professional manner, with the goals of GroCo in mind. *
Creation and Use of Materials: To the extent that you create or provide materials for the GroCo as a volunteer, you grant the GroCo a nonexclusive license to use such materials in any way, subject to any limitations agreed by you and the GroCo in writing in advance. You warrant that the materials you create for or provide to us are original and do not infringe any intellectual property rights. *
Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation: You acknowledge that as a volunteer for the GroCo, you may have access to confidential information, including but not limited to personal information of Owners and business and financial data. You agree to neither discuss nor communicate it to any third parties without the permission of the GroCo. You will never sell, trade or otherwise make available our database (including Owner names, addresses, numbers and addresses, which are the property of the GroCo), business operations, marketing objectives or other confidential information to any third party without written permission from the GroCo. To the extent that you are provided access to the GroCo's database and are granted permission to view, export or download information from that database, you agree not to store or retain such information or use it for any purpose other than as specifically requested by the GroCo. In addition, you agree that you will not utilize information in the GroCo’s database to solicit the GroCo’s owners or business partners. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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