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Did the instructor encourage participation from all students?
Did your instructor provide adequate instruction and teaching?
Did your instructor provide leadership and serve as a positive role model?
Did the instructor greet you/your child and make them feel welcome each day?
Did you feel this program/class was organized and run professionally?
Did we provide quality items, materials and equipment?
Was the quality of the facilities used for this program/class sufficient?
Did you or your child have fun?
What were your reasons for participating in this program/class?
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Were your expectations met?
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What did you like most about this program/class?
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How did you hear about the program/class?
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Was a safe environment created each day?
If not, please explain:
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Would you recommend this program/class to others?
Why or why not?
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If you could make changes to the program/class, they would include:
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What are the other ways in which Waseca Community Education can help you or improve their services? New program ideas?
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