DH-WOGEM: Becoming a Parent
This conversation will focus on experiences with pregnancy, maternity leave, and going back to work in DH.

In this conversation, participants can share experiences about how they made choices (or didn't) about when to become a parent, and what arrangements they worked out around pregnancies, maternity leave, and accommodations (e.g. breastfeeding, daycare drop-off/pick-up, etc.) after returning to work.

It looks like schedules are aligning to hold this call on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, from 9-10:30 Pacific (11-12:30 Central, 12-1:30 Eastern). If you can't make that time, or would like to share a story anonymously, please fill out this form. Or if you can't make that time and want to be involved with writing a follow-up white paper, please email Quinn at qad@stanford.edu.
If you have a story that you'd like to be shared in the conversation or subsequent white paper (anonymously, or with attribution), please write it here.
If you'd only like it to be shared in the conversation, and not in the white paper, please mention that.
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