Join Feet First Philly's Steering Committee
Thank you for your interest in joining Feet First Philly's Steering Committee. By joining, you will be promoting walkabilty and walkability projects throughout Philadelphia.

We ask each applicant to answer the following questions below to learn more about you and your qualifications. The application should take 10 minutes. When voted on to the Steering Committee, each member is asked to commit two years to Feet First Philly, attending 50% of the meetings, 3 per year, in person or via conference call.

Please feel free to contact Feet First Philly at with any questions or comments. Thank you for your time. Feet First Philly is looking forward to reviewing your responses.
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The next three questions ask about your involvement in other organizations related to pedestrian advocacy and street safety. Answering yes to any of these questions does not mean that you can’t serve as member of Feet First Philly’s steering committee.
Are you employed by or involved in any other organizations that advocate for walkability and/or street safety issues? If so, please specify below:
Are you currently involved in any organizations or employment that may present a conflict of interest? If so, please specify the organization and potential conflict of interest below:
We would love to learn more about you!
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