Crystal Cnvrstns Podcast - Season 2 Screening  
You see yourself as a good fit based upon the growth-minded resiliency content we focus on as well as the alignment with the helping and health professional theme focus in some way.
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On a level of 1 (low) to 10 (high), how excited are you about the vision for this season's content?
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Do you have people who pay attention to your words, content, message or skillset already?
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Tell me about the journey, modality, population, or passionate topic focus you would like to share in just a few bullet points:  
What is your current profession?  Please include field credentials or degrees that are relevant to the focus of this season's theme.
Are you okay that we do not do heavy editing after we complete the podcast recording? It is an authentic conversation, aimed to be natural and real.
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Do you have a company, book, other products?
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Are you okay posting on social media platforms (1-2x) or allowing me to tag you to celebrate you as a featured guest?
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Can you agree to scheduling and keeping a one hour recording Zoom appointment (advanced notice), during daytime hours, and ensuring a strong internet connection and clear sound quality without interruption?
Do you have someone in mind that may be a good sponsor for this Season's content?  If so, who and why?
What led you to get involved in this profession or was impactful enough that we would focus on this pivotal part of your journey?
Are there any off limit topics?   (Unhealed or recent wounds/traumas to avoid or tread lightly)
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Vibe you bring:   (check all that apply)
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