9:00 am Traditional Worship Reservation - AUMC Sanctuary
Fill out the information below to reserve your spot for In-Person Worship at 9:00 am for October 4th.
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AUMC Use of Church Policies
- Masks are required.
- Social Distancing of at least 6 ft apart required.- No shared food or utensils.
- If you are 60 years old or older and/or at High Risk, please consider staying home.
- Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and on the church grounds.
- No alcoholic beverages or look‐alike containers are permitted on the premises.
- AUMC will not be responsible for theft or damage of personal property nor personal injury, disability, death, sickness, or disease – including a defined “communicable” disease and/or within an epidemic/pandemic environment, as determined by federal, state, and local health authorities.
- No outside group will be allowed to use church facilities for any event where a fee for the event will be charged or collected in exchange for attending the event.
- Please read the complete Use of Church Guidelines at: https://www.avonumc.com/aumc-forms/
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