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Welcome! If you are planning to build a Kiez at Kiez Burn 2019, you are in the right place.

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Please join us on talk with other Kieze to talk, sometimes more than what we bargained for:

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The name of your Kiez
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Describe the personality of the Kiez / what you plan to offer the citizens of Kiez Burn in not that many words. Are you accepting new members? If so, maybe tell something more about fees and what the Kiez provides. Inspiration from what camps wrote last year:
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Interested to find your place on the map?
Let's do this together! The thread:
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How many campers will be camping at this camp?
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Camp layout example
Making it Big at Kiez Burn
Is your camp open to new people? *
or maybe you are looking only for very special people, yes? Very nice as well.
If so, who should they contact?
Remember that when your Kiez is full, you will probably still get a lot of applications, so we recommend having a dedicated email address. If you are full, please set an auto-reply on the mailbox so people don't wait indefinitely for an answer.
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Do you have an online form for accepting Kiez member applications?
For inspiration, you can use a copy of the 2017 Kostüm Salon Kiez registration form:
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Are you looking for specific people still for your camp?
if so, specify what skills/roles are open in your camp e.g. build, deco, kitchen lead
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Will you make food for your members?
Is your camp family friendly?
Can kids come visit your camp?
Do you want to apply for an art grant?
We are so happy you want to apply for an art grant! we are soooo excited to try doing this in a new way, together with you. You can find the dreams platform under where you can submit for an art grant. Ticket holders will vote between the different projects.
Do you have spaces that people from outside your camp can apply to use? *
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