2020 Eastwood Representative Player Application Form
The Eastwood District Junior Rugby Union Representative Program

Dear Parents and Players,

The aim of the Eastwood Representative program is:

1. To develop the rugby skill levels of the individual players.
2. To encourage the players to take their skills back to their village clubs
3. To encourage the players to understand that they have responsibilities:
• To their Eastwood team;
• To Eastwood District Rugby;
• To their village clubs
• To the broader rugby family and to the game
• To themselves.


Players wishing to be considered for selection in an Eastwood Representative team MUST attend the 2 Selection Day Trials for their age group as outlined below:-

Eastwood Under U10,11 and 12 Representative Teams
Saturday March 28th after 12 midday AND Saturday April 4th after 12 midday at PENNANT HILLS OVAL

Eastwood Under U13,14,15, and Opens Teams
Sunday March 29th AND Sunday April 5th at DURAL PARK. Times to be advised.

Eastwood U16
Friday March 27th AND Friday April 3rd at Kingsdene Oval. Times to be advised.

These are compulsory trials unless the Eastwood Representative Committee grants a player dispensation. To apply for a dispensation players must first complete this Player Application form then download a Request for Dispensation form from the Eastwood Junior Rugby Website located at http://eastwoodjuniorrugby.com.au/rep/documents/. Requests for dispensation due to travel or other commitments must be submitted by 5pm Sunday March 22 2020.

Requests for dispensation due to injury or illness will be accepted up until 5pm the day prior to each trial, however they must include a medical certificate with an anticipated return to rugby date. For dispensation to be granted a Doctor’s certificate or documentation supporting travel or school commitments must be produced.

Dispensation is at the discretion of the Eastwood Representative committee. Players will be notified via email if their dispensation is granted and coaches and selectors will be notified. If a player cannot be viewed at the selection day selectors will attempt to see them play on another date prior to the trial and / or the players club coach will be contacted to discuss the players skills and ability. A dispensation does significantly disadvantage a players ability to be selected. Dispensation does not guarantee selection; however EDJRU reserves the right to select any player who they feel displays the necessary qualities to be a representative player, regardless of their attendance or non-attendance at the selection day.

If the player is prevented from attending the selection day due to an emergency on the day EDJRU must be notified immediately by phone to Kylie Jordan - 0415 130360 OR Jodie Visagie - 0413 009035.

In the event of a player withdrawing from the selected team prior to the State championships, EDJRU reserves the right to select any player regardless of their attendance or non-attendance at the selection day.

Representative Coaches and Selectors will be in attendance at the Selection Day Trial and may attend club trials and competition match prior to Selection Day. Representative Coaches and Selectors may request the attendance of all players who intend to trial at a skills day prior to the selection day. EDJRU or the coaches will advise you if this is required. The above dispensation guidelines apply.

Player Commitment to the Eastwood Representative team

Selections are made on the basis that:
• The player’s first commitment is to the EDJRU Representative team
• The player is committed and is available to attend:
• All organised training sessions as advised by team management
• All Trial Games including but not limited to Sunday May 10th (Mothers Day)
• All State Championship matches held on June 6th, 7th and 8th for U/12-17’s
• Under 10’s and 11's Tournament to be held on the last weekend of the school holidays, July 18th and 19th
• The Under 13's team is travelling to Dubbo and the U14's team is travelling to Orange. All players and a parent/s or guardian must stay at the designated team accommodation for 3 nights from Friday night June 5th.

Once advised of training dates you will be expected to attend all nominated sessions. Players must attend more than 75% of all training sessions. Failure to meet these expectations may result in that player being removed from the squad. Coaches will verbalise their expectations when announcing their training sessions. (Sports training other than Eastwood representative training is NOT an acceptable reason)

All trial dates are compulsory, failure to attend trial dates without a Doctors certificate or acceptable reason could result in the player being removed from the starting team or removed from the squad all together. (Sports Commitments other than Eastwood representative games are NOT an acceptable reason). The team manager must be advised of the player’s inability to attend in a reasonable time before training or a game, by email, phone or text.

Playing Time

Ages 10 to 14
• Coaches and Managers will endeavour to ensure all players receive a reasonable amount of game time across trials, State championship pool and semi final games.
• Eastwood reserve the right to limit a player’s game time if the player is having disciplinary/behavioural issues, continually arrives late to training or games without prior explanation or permission. Clear communication from the manager will precede this action.
• Coaches must consider players ability, safety and attitude in determining the amount of game time received. If you have any issue with the game time you son/daughter is receiving please raise this with your team manager, it is their responsibility to raise it with the coaching staff and then provide you with an answer.

Age 15 to 17
• The strongest 15 players will be selected to start every game. The starting 15 will be given ample opportunity to secure a win before replacements might be made. Replacements will be made at the discretion of the coaches at the time of their choosing.
• Preliminary starting 15 will be communicated at the announcement of the team.
• Players will be given ample opportunity to press for selection during trial games before the State Championship.
• Players not comfortable with being in the squad but not in the starting 15 will be given an opportunity to withdraw before signing the “Agreement to play”
• Coaches must consider players ability, safety and attitude in determining the amount of game time received


Eastwood to parent communication:

All communication will be distributed from EDJRU prior to selection. Thereafter, communication will be by the team manager.
Information provided but not limited to will include:
• Trial / selection dates, venues and guidelines
• Coaches and selectors names
• Team announcements including selection
• Notification of dispensation given
• Changes in process or direction given

Parent to Eastwood:
All communication both written and verbal must come through your team manager. The manager will forward if required any parent request to the EDJRU committee for consideration and response.


Players need to pay a registration fee of $250. This fee includes player uniform, team photo, registration fees, referee costs and team social (for applicable age groups). Fees must be paid at the uniform fitting night on Tuesday April 7th unless other arrangements are made. Any player under financial hardship may contact EDJRU for assistance with payment prior to April 7th via eastwoodjuniorrugby@gmail.com

Social Outing - Player fees include:

o The 10s to 12’s team night at Laser Tag on Saturday night May 30th 5pm -10pm for a team social night.
o The Under 13's team travelling to Dubbo for the State Championships will be partly subsidised by the Eastwood Representative Program. Parents will also need to subsidise the costs in addition to their player fees.
o The Under 14's team travelling to Orange for the State Championships will be partly subsidised by the Eastwood Representative Program. Parents will also need to subsidise the costs in addition to their player fees.

All parents and players are encouraged to read the Codes of Conduct which apply to officials, coaches, managers, parents and players which can be found on the Eastwood Junior Rugby Team App and website.

For further information please read the 2020 EASTWOOD REPRESENTATIVE RUGBY GUIDELINES located on the http://eastwoodjuniorrugby.com.au website

To nominate for selection in an Eastwood Junior Rugby Representative team please complete the google form by 5pm Sunday March 22nd 2020. The form must be completed with an adult age 18 or over to consent to the information in the document. Any questions can be emailed to eastwoodjuniorrugby@gmail.com

Please ensure you have read all details of this section before completing the player for
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I have read and agree to all the information contained in Section one
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