Birth Report for Bradley Method Students (Natural Birth Prep with Nancy & George B)
George and I are delighted and blessed to have had a part in your preparation for your birth! If you've had your baby, even if we've heard from you already, please take a few minutes to fill out your birth report to help our organization have up to date records on birth outcomes for each year we have been teaching. We admit, we have been remiss in getting this information from some of you who have had your babies a while ago. Please help us get up to date for both the academy and ourselves as childbirth educators. This form is intended for all of our students, whatever kind of birth you had.

The results of this form are confidentially acquired and stored via google in our private googledrive. If you prefer to fill the form out online, do so at:

Please provide information regarding your birth. This information is required by American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth (AAHCC) to update their statistics. Click the check box for any detail you prefer to keep blank if you do not want to submit all of the information.

This information will help us recommend providers to our students, by giving us a clearer picture of what they offer, what they support, what they don't support, their bedside manner, etc, which is helpful when a student is in need of a new provider or other pregnancy/birth related service. This information is only used to help other students and your name is not provided. This is not passed on to AAHCC; only used by us to help our students.

If you have not already done so, you may tell us your birth story and/or comments how our classes helped you with your birth for inclusion on our webpage(s) or for us to learn from. (This will not be submitted directly to AAHCC unless you click permission for us submit it for consideration to post on their birth story page at You may want to write this separately and then copy and paste into the form, or email it to us if desired.

PART 4 (required): Please give or deny permission to share your birth story or opinions of your providers. We will not disclose your name to anyone but simply pass along your experience or comments.

PART 5 Tell us if you would like information about any upcoming reunions we may plan for our students and/or if you would like to come to a current or upcoming series to share your birth story.

We would also like to know if you are interested in becoming a Bradley instructor/doula.

Thanks in advance for helping us update our records!

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PART 1: Confidential Brief Birth Report for AAHCC
Class Date (First Day of Series) *
If you are unsure, just indicate month and year you started the series with us.
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Mother's First & Last Name *
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Birth Place
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Length of gestation (pregnancy) in weeks
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Birth *
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Birth Attendant *
Drugs for Pain *
(You may specify types in other if desired, i.e., Demerol, epidural, lidocaine, novacaine)
Please share your evaluations and comments/suggestions about your health care team. You can use the text boxes to write details such as the following:

1. Name & area(s) of expertise
2. Location of practice/office or community serving
3. Your opinion of the services provided or any other info you think would be of interest to prospective clients from our classes.

Or if you prefer, you can skip the individual questions and rate your providers with a scale though this is not as helpful for providing recommendations.

Primary Pregnancy/Birth Provider
(Name, area of exertise, location, opinion &/or comments)
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Birth Assistant (if applicable)
(Name, area of exertise, location, opinion &/or comments)
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Primary Nurse (if applicable)
(Name, area of exertise, location, opinion &/or comments)
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(Name, area of exertise, location, opinion &/or comments)
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Lactation Consultant
(Name, area of exertise, location, opinion &/or comments)
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Pediatrician/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
(Name, area of exertise, location, opinion &/or comments)
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Place of Birth
(Name, area of exertise, location, opinion &/or comments)
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Your Childbirth Educator(s)
(Opinion &/or comments about how our classes specifically helped you with your pregnancy/birth/postpartum. We may use your positive comments without identifying you for our website or other means of publicity. Constructive criticism also welcomed, but we recommend you use the official evaluation form from class 11/12 or the via email or webpage version for specifics about each of our classes.)
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Quickly Rate Your Health Care Team
You may also quickly rate your providers, though your own comments above will be most meaninful for us to be able to recommend your favorites to others.
Not Applicable
Very Dissatisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
Primary Pregnancy/Birth Provider
Birth Assistant if any
Primary nurse (if any)
Doula (if applicable)
Lactation consultant
Pediatrician or Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Place of Birth
Your Childbirth Educators
Other (specify in comments box above this ratings table.)
This portion is optional, though we love to receive your stories and suggestions! Your identity will be protected if any of your story, comments or suggestions in our classes. You can give permissions for ue otherwise below in the PERMISSIONS section.]
If desired, please write (or copy and paste) your birth story and/or comments about our classes and how they helped you below (if not indicated in PART 3.)
Your answer
PART 4: PERMISSIONS regarding your birth story
Please check all applicable below regarding your birth story, including how you would like to be identified (i.e., full name, first names only, initials, city & state ok, or not ok, etc.)
PART 5 Final questions
Would you like to meet up again?
Just One More Question... Are you interested in become a Bradley certified childbirth educator/doula?
You are done! Thank-you very much!
If you have any questions or additional comments, please contact Nancy via email: .

Click the button to submit. You may edit your answers if something needs changing.

Thank-you very much for your particiipation in the Bradley Birth Survey and our optional birth story and comments section.

Nancy & George

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