Groton Together - Volunteer Survey
With COVID-19 continuing to impact Vermont, residents may be possibly confined to their homes for an extended period. Communities across Vermont are looking at options to help ensure that people have the assistance they need during this time. This survey is intended to help coordinate local Groton efforts by compiling a list of volunteers that can be contacted as needs arise.

Important: Indicating that you would like to be contacted about any of the items below does not constitute a hard and fast commitment. We know circumstances can be unpredictable. Checking "yes" just means we may get in touch if the need for volunteers arises.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Would you be interested in doing periodic telephone check-ins with members of the community confined to their homes?
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Would you like to be contacted about opportunities to help get key supplies (i.e., groceries, prescriptions, etc.) to residents confined to their homes? As plans develop, this could entail roles such as Coordinators (performed from your home), Buyers (handle purchases at stores/pharmacies; payment will be pre-arranged), Deliverers (get supplies to a resident's home). Note: People over 60 and people with underlying conditions should be especially cautious in these times. Please do whatever you must to remain well. *
Would you be able to pick-up mail for a person in need at the Post Office and arrange to get it to them?
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If needed, would you be available to assist in trash & recyclables removal for those confined to their homes (i.e., pick-up and transporting to a designated location for disposal)?
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Would you be able to offer childcare?
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Do you have special skills or particular resources you would like us to know about (example: web/tech phone support, peer-to-peer counseling/support, etc.)?
Other thoughts, comments, or suggestions?
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