CD2H Onboarding and Contributor Profiles
The CD2H project uses this form to collect information that is necessary for the management, operation and functioning of contributors to CD2H projects and working groups. Please fill in as much information as possible and contact with any questions. You will get a copy of your responses and can edit your responses at any time.
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Heads up: Before you start, it is useful to have handy a GitHub handle and a picture (either avatar or photo).
If you don't already have a github account, it is free at It is also useful (but not mandatory) to have your ORCID and ERA commons IDs if you have them.
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URL is the easiest way to collect this information systematically without a dropdown of 80 institutions. If you are from the NIH, enter the URL for the most specific branch to which you belong. Eg. or rather than
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Please indicate your interest. For descriptions, see; "Mailing list only" means "keep me in the loop but I am unable to directly contribute"
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CTSA Data Sharing Governance Pathways
Data Quality Methods and Tools to Support CTSA Hub Data Sharing
Data harmonization
Institutional informatics, research IT, and open science maturity model
Science of translational science research platform
Health Open terminology FHIR server
Open Source Clinical Enterprise Data Warehouse Data Browser (Leaf)
Reusable Data best practice portal
Competitions tool for CTSA community peer review
LOINC2HPO semantic phenotyping tool
Architecting attribution
menRva: an interdisciplinary open research repository
Personas for Clinical and Translational Science
Patient mortality prediction DREAM Challenge
Educational resource and competency harmonization project
Idea Challenge
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