Alberta Avenue District Survey 2019
The Alberta Avenue District runs from NAIT to Northlands from 111 Avenue to the Yellowhead. It includes the neighbourhoods of Alberta Avenue, Cromdale, Delton, Eastwood, Elmwood Park, Parkdale, Spruce Avenue and Westwood.

We all want a safe, welcoming, vibrant and thriving community. The Alberta Avenue District Council* would like to take stock of where people feel we are at and what is important to them as we continue to work on these goals. This information will help guide us as we plan.

Please take a minute to share how you CURRENTLY feel about safety, local economy, vibrancy, properties, leadership, and investment in the district. There are optional short answer questions for your comments under each topic as well as final comments on the district and revitalization.

The survey will be available until November 30, 2019. It will take 3-10 minutes to complete.

PRIZE DRAW - You will be entered into a draw for a $100 gift card to a local restaurant. Winners will be contacted via email. Emails will not be used for any other purpose and will be removed from the data prior to analysis.

*The council includes Arts on the Ave, the Alberta Avenue Business Association, the Rat Creek Press and the seven community leagues - Alberta Avenue, Delton, Eastwood, Elmwood Park, Spruce Avenue, Parkdale-Cromdale, and Westwood.
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The community is safe. *
What would help you feel safer in the Alberta Avenue District?
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Local Economy
The local economy is thriving. *
What would help improve and grow the local economy?
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The social fabric of the area is vibrant. *
What makes the area unique and vibrant? What do you want to see more of?
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Properties are attractive and well cared for. *
What do you need to support you in caring for and beautifying your property? Or what would you like to see from residential and commercial properties?
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People are empowered to lead change. *
How would you like to contribute to and lead change in your community?
Remember this survey is anonymous. We encourage you to connect with local organization.
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Investment in the community is strong. *
Where is investment needed most in the community?
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How important is it that we work on each of the following areas? *
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Local Economy
Empowering People
Other Comments
Any other thoughts on the district and revitalization that you would like to share?
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Thank you for your input!
There are many ways you can contribute to the growth and health of Alberta Avenue District.

It starts with simple acts like caring for your property, getting to know your neighbours, or respecting the area when you visit.

If you would like to learn more or give more, you can connect with one of the many great organizations in the district.
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