Seminar Survey for OPWF
Registration will be opening in the next couple weeks for our OPWF Inspirational Weekend on March 6-7, 2020. Our new venue is Port Angeles Performing Arts Center. To plan effectively, we need your input. Our schedule this year will be different, as we will conclude our sessions with our speaker on midday Saturday. We will be offering lunch and a seminar for an additional $12. Please give us your input so we know how to plan for lunch space and which seminar topics would be of interest. Your answers are not binding but serve as a guideline for the leadership team.
Do you plan on attending our Inspirational Weekend on March 6-7, 2020? *
1= Yes; 2 = No; 3 = Maybe
If you do attend, would you be interested in staying for lunch ($12 extra) and a seminar? *
1= Yes; 2 = No; 3 = Maybe
Which seminar(s) would be of the most interest to you? You may choose up to 3. *
1 - Healthy Parenting, 2 - Creating a Healthy Lifestyle; 3 - Transforming Prayer; 4 - Healthy Marriages; 5 - Stress Management; 6 - Mentoring; 7 - Movement and Dance with Worship Music; 8 - Personal Breakthroughs (Aha Moments with God); 9 - Spiritual Formation; 10 - Celebrate Recovery; 11- The Art and Gift of Listening; 12 - Christians Responsibility in the Political Process
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