Vendor Registration 2018
Welcome to the Vendor registration form for SWhoop 2018. Vendors must be approved and attend as guests of Hooping Mad or be SWhoop ticket holders. Vending at the event does not give the vendor the right to attend SWhoop workshops or associated events. Hooping Mad only asks for an item for the SWhoop raffle as a vending fee.

Please fill in the following information and email clear product photographs (to be advertised for you on the website) to Emma at, titled ''SWhoop Vendor 2018: Name of Company'' and for ease add your contact name and telephone number in the body of the email. Thank you for bringing your lovely wares to sell :)

PLEASE NOTE - the sooner you get me pictures the sooner it'll go on the website and the more time people will have to get excited and plan what to buy :)

When you arrive on Friday you will meet our Vendors supervisor who will show you where your table/area is and collect raffle prizes. Please arrive between 7 and 9am on Friday 5th to allow time for set up :)

Please bring at least one copy of an (miniumum) A5 size clear photo of yourself that can stay with your stall when you are not there so people know who to come to about buying things :)


Emma x

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I agree to give an item to the raffle as vending fee and I will send Emma pictures of my products for the website NOW :)
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