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"Eagle Youth Music School" (Vancouver Urban Ministries)
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We provide 30 minute private lesson for each student
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It will have to be after school hours no earlier than 3:30 pm or weekends. (ie - Monday, 4 - 5pm). Even though it is online, we like to set the same time for each week for consistent schedule. You can divide it up to two separate session if you like ( ie - Mon, 4-5pm, Thursday 4-5pm)
What do you hope to gain from being a volunteer at VUM as a music teacher?
Thank you for registering!
1) We will contact you for the training and tutorial for online teaching session.
2) The training session will be held in Mid-October. We will arrange and confirm the date later on.
3) Lessons should begin sometime after Thanksgiving Weekend (Oct 14), but not earlier than that. We'll give you more information closer to the time.
4) Contact : Esther Leung-Kong ( 778-846-6464
5) More info about "Vancouver Urban Ministries" -

Vancouver Urban Ministries is a non-profit organization that provides a spectrum of free specialized help/support to children and their families in the poorest neighborhoods of East Vancouver. Vancouver Urban Ministries provides a spectrum of free specialized help and support to children with learning difficulties and their families in the poorest neighborhoods of East Vancouver. We provide support through Specialized Tutoring, Music Lessons, and Community Events.
If you are a former volunteer (music teacher) with VUM, please skip the next 3 section, scroll down and click "Submit". THANK YOU!
If you are a former volunteer with VUM, please skip the next section and click "Submit"

An interview will be conducted with the new applicants.
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