2018 Summer Intensive 8th Grade Mini Course Selection
St. Mary Religious Education

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These mini-courses are presented on 7/31/18 and 8/1/18
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Being Catholic
In this course you will be given an opportunity to clarify, reflect on, and respond to your Catholic identity. You will recognize how being Catholic has shaped you and explore ways to more fully participate in the Catholic community
Faith, Community and You
At some point during our existence, people began to document their relationship with God. During this course you will get a historical overview of our faith community to help you understand your relationship with God at the center. You will look at your talents and abilities to care and help others in order to shape the future of Catholicism.
Celebrating the Eucharist
This course offers a clear and accurate picture of the Eucharist and its importance to you and the parish community overall.
The following mini courses will be offered during the remainder of the session
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Dealing with Tough Times
This course focuses on some of the struggles that are part of the universal human experience. It’s all right to experience life’s difficulties – it’s okay to hurt. Topics include: competition, conflict, loss, and loneliness.
Seeking Justice
This course invites you to become an active participant in the church’s ministry to establish justice locally and globally. We will explore the issues of individual dignity, community, compassion, social consciousness, peacemaking and stewardship.
Making Decisions
This course reviews the elements involved in making decisions. It will help you make decisions grounded in Christian values and recognize the importance of reconciliation.
Becoming Friends
This course explores the social skills needed to begin and maintain friendships. We will look at the value of developing a wide variety of friendships including one with God. We will recognize how friends are appropriately responsible for one another’s well-being.
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