Westside Neighborhood Impressions Survey
The Westside of Covington has a history of making things, from goetta to beer to church benches. While many of these businesses are no longer located here, the Center for Great Neighborhoods has been making a deliberate effort to target creative placemaking initiatives in the Westside to reawaken the neighborhood’s prominent maker and creative identity. Over the last three years, we’ve supported close to 150 community-driven creative projects (mostly in the Westside) and invested close to $3 million dollars in arts and culture related projects (including the Hellmann Creative Center).

As we end this specific phase of our work, we want to understand perceptions of the area and the current roles of artists and makers through a Neighborhood Impressions Survey, largely focused on the Westside neighborhood of Covington. When we started this initiative, we sent out this exact same survey and will now compare the results and see if there’s been any changes. We will then share the results with everyone since it is central to our work in Covington to listen to the opinions and thoughts of community members and let others know about them too.

If you have any questions with regard to the Neighborhood Impressions Survey and/or our creative placemaking efforts, please feel free to contact Sarah Allan at sarah@greatneighborhoods.org or 859 (803) 0794. Thank you for taking the time to submit the survey and as a bonus, if you leave your email, you'll be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card to Covington Coffee! We appreciate your support!

Map of Westside
First, we would like to understand a little more about you. What is your relationship to the Westside? (The Westside is defined in the map above). Check all that apply. *
What is your current age?
Are you of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin?
How would you describe yourself? (choose all that apply)
Are you an artist? (By artist we mean anyone who creates some kind of art on a regular basis, regardless of whether you earn money from it. This can include performance art, visual art, dance, design, literature, music, etc.) *
How involved are you in the Westside?
Which of the following activities have you participated in the Westside over the last year? Check all that apply. *
Which of the following activities have you participated in Covington (not in the Westside) over the last year? *
Please share whether you agree or disagree with the following statements about the Westside *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
The Westside is creative/artistic
I'm proud of the Westside
There is a strong sense of community spirit
I believe the Westside is changing for the better
The Westside seems like the kind of place where one person can really make a difference
I feel safe in the Westside
In general, the Westside is affordable
The Westside is the kind of place I'd like to live
In general, the quality of life in the Westside is good.
There are a lot of good housing options in the Westside
Artists make a positive impact on neighborhoods
Artists are making the Westside a better area
Artists are making Covington a better area
What is one positive change that you'd like to see in the Westside in the coming years
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