Wasatch HEMA 2019 competition survey
To make improvements in the way in which we do competitions we are looking for feedback on how your tournament experience was
What was your role in this competition?
Check In
This was a good process
We should change this process
If the check in was not good how would you like to see it changed?
Your answer
How do you feel about the entry fee
The fee is too low
The fee is too high
How did you feel about the size of your pools?
Pools were too small, I did not fight enough
Pools were too large, I fought too much
Did you feel like you understood the rules beforehand?
How do you feel about the timing of the matches?
Matches are too short
Matches were too long
We made many changes to the rules this tournament, as a whole how would you describe these changes. (If this was your first tournament, How did you like the rules?)
Your answer
Do you have any further suggestions on how we can make tournament better?
Your answer
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