Volunteer Interest Inquiry - CEA
As we start the process of growing and establishing a sustainable, flexible structure for the Civic Engagement Alliance with programs. To achieve this, we need to involve others.

We are ALL about people power and creating a culture of inclusion. Our volunteer management philosophy is to provide meaningful work that fits each individual’s unique skill set, personality, and schedule.

Please take a few moments to tell us about what interests YOU so we can best utilize what you have to offer.

The Civic Engagement Alliance has a vision of building a flexible network based on grassroots principles. Volunteers would have opportunities to build new relationships, participate in activities that interest them on a schedule that works for them. Members could participate on occasion or frequently. This would be a membership, but there would be no cost to join. Does this type of membership interest you?
Which of the following volunteer activities appeal to you? (check all that apply)
We are currently identifying a few programs and focus areas to start with that address needs in our local community. Which of the following general focuses are worth developing? (check all that apply)
We are currently holding meetings to assist in strategic planning and program development for the Civic Engagement Alliance. Opportunities to weigh in remotely or on a one-on-one basis are available. Is this something that interests you?
We are considering filing for a 501(c)3 tax exemption and doing the legwork to be eligible for grants that support civic engagement on the community level. If we do this, we will need to consult and collaborate with those with experience in nonprofits. Does helping us establish what we need to be a 501(c) interest you?
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Is there anything additional you would like to tell us about YOU? Skills, interests, availability and what works best for you in a volunteer role?
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