Queen B Home Custom Sign Request

PRIOR to completing this form, please purchase the custom design fee product on our website:


This fee in non refundable, but will be applied to the final cost of your sign.

Complete the form below and be as specific as possible. Once I receive your request, you will be sent an initial draft of your design. You may edit your design up to 2 times after receiving the initial proof. Any further edits are subject to additional fees starting at $10.

Please ensure your information is entered accurately and check your spam and junk email folders.


I look forward to creating this special order for you!

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Signs in order: black, grey, traditional
Any other information that would contribute to the overall aesthetic of your design are appreciated. Please note* We ask that you avoid referencing images of a design that you would like replicated. We honor and respect other makers originality and try our best to create a unique and original design of our own *
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