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Real estate professionals who complete this form will become an 'Ambassador' with the OWN IT: Building Black Wealth program. By submitting this form, you agree to the terms of the program guidelines listed below and may use, publicize, and represent the title of 'Ambassador' of the OWN IT program for as long as you are contributing financially and in accordance with the guidelines.

Thank you for committing to contribute on a regular basis to the OWN IT Downpayment Fund, which helps address the racial disparities in homeownership for Black and Brown families in the Greater Madison area.

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Ambassador Contributions
OWN IT ambassadors are encouraged to contribute a portion or a percentage of their net earnings from every closing or real estate transaction to the down payment fund. Are you ready to commit to making financial contributions?
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If you are ready to start contributing, set your pledge now. It can be a percentage of your earnings (% per closing/transaction), a specific amount per closing ($ per transaction), or a specific amount per month ($ per month).
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