11.11 Unified 2022 ~ Volunteers/Interns Form
Interested in co-creating the 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience "Seeding Our New Earth" with us?

Volunteers receive a FREE Activated Portal Pass to 2022 Virtual Experience, a discount on our 11.11 University: Sacred Pilgrimage to Egypt, and other amazing benefits! Interns could earn college credits.

We LOVE our Volunteers- who can fill any and all of the 'roles' we are seeking to fill!

✨ Marketing Assistant

✨ Social Media Assistant

✨ Copywriter/ Editor

✨ Non-profit Specialist

✨ Non-profit Bookkeeper

✨ Pro Bono Legal Services

Open to others to assist us with all aspects of hosting virtual and live, in-person events!

After you submit your form, Anistara will be contacting you directly to follow up.
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Why do you feel called to volunteer with us?
Are you currently volunteering/working anywhere else?  If so, where? What do you do?
What would you say is your GENIUS?  What do you LOVE to do?  What are your talents?
What kind of experience do you have with event production?  Virtual or live events, please share.
Which part of the event would you like to help with? The 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience?  Or our (live event) 11.11 Unified Private Redwood Retreat in Occidental, CA?
What do you feel called to offer?  How would you like to help?  What do you think you would inJOY most?  How would you like to be in service?
Do you have any social media marketing experience?  Are you open to helping us with that?
What affiliations can you share with us to expand our Network? Please provide a short description and a link to their website or other contact information they have.
Are you working with any companies that carry "Aligned Products," that are supportive in Seeding our New Earth?  Please explain the products and share websites.
Did someone refer you to us? If so, who?
We request that you LIKE and FOLLOW our pages! This will keep you updated on the event and this is for ease of sharing our promo materials (with your name/#s)!  Please check the boxes to show us you did, thanks!
Is there anything else you would like to share with us? (Ex. skills, talents, and more)
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