NVSS Kids Private Lesson & Daycare Registration
If the information you previously submitted for registration was incorrect, or if amendments are required, please email us at activity@niseko-village.com, and we will assist you!

Online registration for lessons will close 72 Hours (3 Days) before the day of lesson. If this closing date has passed, guests can opt for a walk-in registration at our Niseko Village Snow School counter located in our premises.

* Bookings are subject to availability. We may offer other available options when the requested lesson or activity is not available.

* Upon recieving this registration form request, a price quotation along with the relevant lesson details will be sent to guests via e-mail.

* Full payment for all services must be made in advance within 60 days before the services date. A Payment notice will be sent to guest via e-mail. Payment is due to be made within 7 days upon receipt of the payment notice. We reserve the right to cancel any lessons which have not be paid by this due date.

Terms and Conditions:
・ Accommodation confirmation number is required upon registration.

・ All lesson and activity prices are in Japanese Yen and include applicable taxes.

・ Prior to participation, all services must be paid in full.

・ All guests must arrive at our Activity Counter with their booking confirmation sent via e-mail, at least 30 minutes prior to their lesson/activity start time. The counter is located at the base of Niseko Gondola and inside The Green Leaf Niseko Village.

・ Group lessons and activities are scheduled programs. Booking will be automatically cancelled for any guests arriving more than 5 minutes late to the lesson start time.

・ All guests must have all necessary equipment and be ready before joining the lesson/activity. If you require rental equipment, it is highly recommended that you arrange and finalize fittings by the day prior to your lesson date. Niseko Village Rental Shops are conveniently located inside Niseko Gondola Station (Hours: 8am-8pm) and The Green Leaf Niseko Village (Hours: 8am-7pm). *Both rental counters will close at 5pm during off-peak skiing period (before 11 December and after 20 March).

・ Guests will be charged for the loss of or damage to the rental equipment.

・ Snow sport and activity equipment is prohibited inside Niseko Village accommodations. Guests are required to store all equipment at the designated locations for each accommodation.

・ For safety reasons, Niseko Village has the right to refuse the provision of lunch for guests with dietary restrictions we are unable to meet.

・ Failure to pick up your child(ren) on time from Niseko Kids or Daycare will result in additional charge of 3,000 yen per 30 minutes.

・ Niseko Village reserves the right to refuse services to customers having been disrespectful to other guests, staff members or company properties.

・ All private lesson products do not include lift passes. Guest(s) are required to purchase the lift pass(es) before the lesson commences.

*Lift access is included for Group lesson products for the duration of the lesson. No discount is given to those who have the passes already.

Cancellation Policies:
When the guest(s) are to cancel the booking, the following cancellation fees will apply.
・ 100% of the total payment for no shows or any cancellation made less than 7 days prior.
・ No cancellation fee for any cancellation made 7 days prior or earlier.

If any modification is required, please inform Niseko Village Activity Reservations as soon as possible.
Any attempt to modify your booking within 7 days notice from the day of the pre-scheduled lesson will not be accepted and no refund will be given.

No Shows
For Premium Private, Private, Family Private, and Kids Private Lessons, guests who arrive more than 15 minutes late from the lesson start time, without contacting Niseko Village Snow School, are considered as 'No Shows'.
For Group, and Kids Group Lessons, guests who arrive more than 5 minutes late from the lesson start time, are considered as 'No Shows'.
*Cancellation fees will be automatically charged to the room.

Non-Refund Policy:
All Niseko Village Snow School lessons and winter activities offered at Niseko Village are non-refundable and non-transferable to another person or to another season. No refunds will be given;
・ after the services already being provided.
・ when they are booked through tour agents.
・ if the service was discounted by failing to follow instructions of the person providing the service at Niseko Village or due to behaviors deemed dangerous.
・ when the participation is terminated by guest's choice.
・ Late arrival or no-show for any reason, including flight cancellation or traffic delays.

*Refunds will only be considered;
・ when ALL lifts are NOT in operation due to weather conditions or mechanical failure.
・ Injury or illness (doctors note must be provided)

Waiver of Liability:
1. I am fully aware that snow activities are inherently hazardous and can result in physical harm (including, but not limited to bruises, abrasions, broken bones, paralysis, head injuries, internal injuries), loss or damage of property or death.
2. I agree to bear the liability of risk for injury (including, but not limited to bruise, abrasions, broken bones, paralysis, head injuries, internal injuries), death, loss and break down of possessions caused by my participation in snow activities.
3. I agree to bear the liability of compensation for loss, break down, injury and death caused by my participation in activity or my fault and not to shift the liability to other participant(s) and/or Niseko Village.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions *
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