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Welcome to MetIncPowerCo Parent University! (MPCPU)

We believe the power to succeed is in every child! The question is: How can you help your child achieve this success and become an independent, lifelong learner?!

You have already take the first step! Our Parent University is the perfect way to support the learning your child needs to be successful both in and outside of the classroom.

Research shows that independent practice helps children gain mastery of essential skills. Parent University includes carefully selected, teacher-tested activities and tips that give you as a parent exactly what you need to reinforce healthy growth mindset at home for your child.

Along the way, you'll be invited to participate in surveys, assessments and downloadable content that will help you (and us) keep track of your child's progress- while providing practice with standardized test formats.

So let's get started by gaining clarity on what YOUR goals are to helping your child discover, excel and overcome obstacles. Your involvement will make this a valuable educational experience and will support and enhance your child's learning.

Here's to lifelong learning where your child can evolve, strive, and reach beyond today!


Josette Hutton Evans
Founder/CEO Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company
Welcome to Parent University!
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