EdgeCut 2020: Call For Applications
EdgeCut is a monthly performance series that convened in January 2020 at NEW INC, the art, tech and design incubator at The New Museum of Art in New York. Our in-person events are currently on pause. Instead, this year, in partnership with New York Live Arts, we will be holding a series of online provocations around specific themes.

We are currently accepting applications for performance works that engage with the themes CAPTIVITY/SANITY/HUMANITY. These may be of any length and may include music, dance, theatrical storytelling, literature, film or code—so long as they can be safely staged in a socially distanced way.

Previously, our aim was: to explore our complex relationship to the digital—looking at the many ways interactivity, games, robotics, wearables, AI and other digital technologies inform new practices in live performance. In acknowledgement of the limited modes for live performance currently, we are starting from the other end of the spectrum—the digital—to ask: What is liveness now? What is public space digitally? How do we create collective experience and transformative gatherings in this moment of “a crisis within a crisis” (in the words of choreographer Jamar Roberts)—that speak to transition, change, healing, humanity? We are especially interested in incubating experiments with liveness in digital form that push beyond the livestream format to uncover new ways of connecting with one another.

The deadline for submissions for our September event is August 31, 2020.

Please use the form below to begin a conversation about a work you’d like to present - we will be in touch shortly to discuss details.

(**If your work does not fit into the themes CAPTIVITY/SANITY/HUMANITY but engages with EdgeCut's broader interest in bridging digital and live performance, please get in touch anyway. We will likely identify additional themes this fall based on the applications we receive.)

Questions and comments to: Kat Mustatea and Heidi Boisvert (edge@edgecut.org)
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