Interest in Abortion Support Training from Wandering Child Doula Services
Hi! If you're here you might know me best as the abortion doula wanderingchild.ll at on TikTok, or you've read an article I've been featured in and have come here through my website.  If you are here and are interested in being notified when I release my Abortion Support training program, please fill out this form!

For those of you in the greater Cincinnati area, I also offer in-person self-managed info share workshops based on the 100% legal info-share model from You can register your interest in attending one below. It is still currently legal to share medical information on procedures that is openly available to the public, including on how medicines are used for people choosing medical and at-home abortion procedures.  If you see a local organization offering a seminar on SMA (self-managed abortion) they are likely using the same model and you'll be getting the same info. I try to make mine as comprehensive as possible so that you feel comfortable running your own info shares when you leave.

Now--more on my personal program. What will that training look like?

Parts of that are yet to be determined, but ultimately I'm aiming to make those who support the personal healthcare decisions of pregnant people around them (specifically when those people are considering or choosing abortion) better allies in the cause, and offer them helpful and caring resources and support for when people they know may choose abortion.  And, since 1 in 4 of us who might be able to bear children will have an abortion at some point in our childbearing years, perhaps even to better arm you if you find yourself in such a position at any point...because nobody expects to find themselves making that choice.  I am aiming to keep this training in the 1.5-2 hour range.

This will not be an actual full abortion doula training program.  There are many of those that already exist better than I currently have the drive to build--if you'd like links drop me an email at and I'll be happy to share!  This training is meant to help the general public learn more about abortion care and break down abortion stigma by opening up the conversation.

This will be a FREE training with a suggested (but not required) donation amount of $20 if you feel so called to support the work I am putting into this seminar.  If you would like to donate any amount in advance to assist my time as I build this training, you can support through the following avenues:
Venmo at @WanderingChild
CashApp at $WanderingChildLL
PayPal at
Some topics that will be covered:

✨ Reproductive Choice vs Rights vs Reproductive Justice
✨ Full-Spectrum doula work
✨ Trans-inclusivity in the abortion discussion
✨ Being a good abortion ally
✨ Surgical and Medical/Self-Managed Abortions and how to support through each
✨ What to expect of an abortion experience and self-care through the process
✨ Potential questions to ask providers at consults and education sessions
✨ Choices that can be made by people choosing abortion
✨ Bad information that may be required by state legislators in educational materials
✨ Holding space for pregnant people choosing abortion
✨ Options for memorializing a terminated pregnancy and who might benefit
✨ Resources! Checklists and books and films and links and funds and support hotlines, oh my!

Thank you so much for your interest in this training and this topic!

This training will be built and offered by Wandering Child Tarot and Doula Services, PO Box 72884, Newport, KY 41072. This is an independent offering from an independent full-spectrum doula and is neither affiliated with nor containing the opinions or views of any other groups or organizations.  

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