Fiscal Year 2018 - Jewish Caucus Capital Funding Request Form

Thank you for your interest in Jewish Caucus funding for Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018). Each year, the Jewish Caucus submits a list of Expense and Capital funding priority recommendations to the Speaker's office. This is done to ensure that organizations who serve and represent the Jewish community, on a city-wide level, are recognized and represented in the budget. Please be aware that the Jewish Caucus priorities are recommendations to the Speaker, and as such, not all are approved.

Please note that this application is a supplemental application. If you are applying for Non-City Capital Funding, you will also need to submit an application through CapGrants: If you are applying for Council funding only, the deadline is March 24, 2017. We are unfortunately not able to grant extensions. Please complete one application per project for up to three projects.

Requests for funding that are submitted to the City Council are considered public documents.

Eligibility: Capital Funding has stricter eligibility requirements than expense funding. Please carefully read the Capital guidelines: to see if your project is eligible. Please also note that in order to be eligible to apply for funding, you must be a non-profit organization or city agency.

Those applications for improving a City-owned building, including most schools, or City-owned land such as public parks are considered City Capital projects; if your project fits this category, you will only need to submit the following application below to be considered for Jewish Caucus support. Please submit this supplemental form by March 24th.

If you have questions regarding this application or the application in general, please contact Amy Slattery at or (212) 788-7007.

Information regarding the Jewish Caucus can be found here: