Video Editors - Rich + Niche Media Inc.
This is the Hiring Application for Video Editors at Rich + Niche Media.

Rich + Niche is a boutique digital agency based out of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. We provide modern media solutions for clients around the world. We have a unique culture at R+N and we support the modern lifestyle which includes shorter work weeks, more flexible working hours and remote work.

This position requires only basic experience with video editing. The most important requirement is that you have access to a decent computer which can run either Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. You must provide your own software license.

This is not creative work. This is workflow based editing that our clients have specified to us.

For example, the client will create a short 10 minute video that they shoot on their own camera, you would be responsible for download that media, cleaning up the video with basic edits, adding brand intros, adding text lower-thirds, adding music provided and outputting that video. You would also often be required to convert that video to other formats such as audio, vertical video, and short highlight clips that are 20-60s. You would then upload that media to our server for quality assurance by a manager. If you don't know how to do something your operations manual will teach you.

You would be given an exact formula to follow. You don't have to make decisions you only have to perform the system as provided by your team leader.

Because of this we are not looking for highly-experienced creatives for this position. We are looking for people who work fast and would be happy to take lower pay for the ability to work from wherever they want. Many team members are remote. You would be using Slack to communicate with your team leader. We want to train our team based on our own system so coming with little experience and no preconceived notions is important to us.

If you are still interested in this position please fill out the form below.

If you are a valid candidate we will send you a sample work project to show us you can handle the system and return things based on the guidance provided in a timely manner. This is like a single project internship that is required before you handle a client's work. Because we have so many qualified candidates we feel that providing 2 hours of work to prove yourself is more than fair as we really ask nothing else of you.

Those who are most energetic, responsive and keen will be put at the top of the list. Payments are made as soon as quality assurance is completed on your work via Paypal or other online means.

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