RSVP Form Teaching Large Classes August 22, 2013
Are you teaching a class with more than 40 students? Queens College is offering an increasing number of large classes with some classes exceeding 200 students. This trend is only likely to increase. Teaching these large number of students presents a challenging and exciting set of issues.

This workshop will look at some of these issues and provide some practical solutions you can start applying in your classroom. In addition, we will provide tips on class administration and have a participant directed discussion of issues that will also serve as the basis of future workshops.

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Light refreshments will be served.

Date: <strong>August 22, 2013 </strong>
Time: <strong>1:30- 3:30pm </strong>
Location: <strong>Razran 360 </strong>

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Please answer the following questions as a part of your registration to assist in the development of this and ongoing workshops about large classroom teaching. Many questions are general questions however some relate specifically to class you have or are currently teaching. When necessary, select one of the large classes you have or are teaching to answer the following questions.
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