Statewide Team Leader Application
The Michigan Education Justice Coalition (MEJC) is building a team of 415 leaders across the state from many different organizations who are tired of the divestment from public goods in Michigan & how that has affected all of our local communities and local issues, including education, and are ready to turn the tide!

Team Leaders will build teams of 10 people to fight for equitable public investment, including full & fair funding for our schools, in Michigan through November 2020 and beyond -- apply below!

To find out more about MEJC, go to our website:

Team Leader Commitments:
1. Attend one 6-hour training in September or October.
2. Identify a team of 10 captains to fight for equitable public investment, including full & fair education funding.
3. Host a house party for your captains (training module provided).
4. Check in with your captains on their goals.
5. Attend two 45-minute strategy and training phone calls each month.
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