Ms. Giselle's First Grade Class
Please order breakfast & lunch for the Week of June 21 - June 25. There is a veggie or bagel/yogurt meal option each day this week. Please make one selection of either the main, veggie or bagel/yogurt meal.
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Please make breakfast selection for the week:
Mon - Cereal
Tues - Yogurt & Graham Crackers
Wed - Pumpkin Bread Square
Thurs - Cereal & Cheese Sticks
Fri - Breakfast Bar
Check the days your child will want a HOT lunch:
Mon - Chicken Patty
Tues - Turkey Sandwich
Wed - Cheesy Bread Stick
Thurs - Hamburger
Fri - Bagel/Cheese/Yogurt
Hot Lunch
Check the days your child will want a veggie lunch:
Mon - Veggie Burger
Tues - Sunbutter and Jelly
Thur - Veggie Burger
Check the days your child will want a Bagel lunch:
Bagel Lunch
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Food Allergies / Restrictions/ Religious Observations?
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