ODNNY Engagement Proposal Form
Thank you for your interest in becoming an active participant of our ODNNY community! Here a few guidelines on the type of engagements we look to showcase.

When developing our community offerings, we aim to offer learning and networking options that meet the varied skill levels and interests of those in our community. The ODNNY selects proposals that speak to the most contemporarily relevant topics and we prioritize facilitators whose proposals demonstrate valuable theoretical backgrounds and/or successful strategies of OD implementation in the various areas of expertise in the field. Additional or alternative content will certainly be considered, particularly when lessons learned from first-hand experience are offered as models/examples, or if the session is groundbreaking or cutting-edge.

The ODNNY seeks experienced facilitators with proven speaking ability. Those with a track record of participating at large, national engagements will be given preference.

We look forward to reviewing your application!

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Submission Guidelines
This form consists of four sections.

Section One: Instructions

Section Two: Information about you

Section Three: Information about you as a facilitator

Section Four: Information about the engagement you propose

Please submit this fully completed form to be considered and include a headshot as a separate submission.

If you have already submitted this form and wish to submit a different engagement proposal for consideration, you may skip sections two and three, and go directly to the "About the Engagement" section. You may still update any fields on sections two and three if necessary.

Upon receipt, all proposals will be acknowledged and reviewed by the Offerings Team of the ODNNY Board. Final selections will be made with the approval of the ODNNY Board at large.

We curate for an entire year of activities and so, we accept proposals all year long. Notification on the status of the submission will be emailed directly to the presenter.

Mutual Expectations
Should you be selected to facilitate an engagement with our community, we expect you to:

· Work closely with the ODNNY before the event and meet all deadlines;

· Make no substantial changes to content, format, audio/visual needs, room set-up, identity or number of presenters without prior approval of the ODNNY.

· Design and provide high-quality digital presentations, in electronic format, by the deadline given;

· Recognize that an event presentation is an opportunity to share information and is not a showcase for promotion of business, practice, service or product;

· Give the ODNNY permission to audio and/or video record your session and to sync your onsite slide presentation with the recording with the purpose of making it available to ODNNY members. Agree that the ODNNY shall be the exclusive owner of the synchronized recording, but that you will otherwise retain ownership of your onsite slide presentation. On your request, the ODNNY will provide a downloadable copy of the recording. Such copy shall not be altered. The ODNNY will grant permission to post the recording on your professional website (not another individual’s or organization’s) for your own promotional and professional purposes.

The ODNNY will:

· Partner with you to ensure all aspects of your engagement are set up for success.

· Provide speakers with a complimentary registration to the event, and a complimentary one-year individual membership to the ODNNY.

· Grant you valuable professional exposure.

· Provide you with a copy of your evaluation scores after the conference.

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