How Emotionally Stable are you?
Check your level of 'Emotional Stability' by answering the questions below. After you fill the form & submit, we will score the test & and thereafter share with you the results via email.
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1) Do you blush often?
2) Do you suffer from tension headache?
3) Do you worry about your health?
4) Do you feel that your life is meaningless?
5) Do you worry a lot about little things?
6) Do you sometimes feel that you get blamed unfairly?
7) Do you feel most people are luckier than you?
8) Do you suffer from phases of remorse (feeling guilty)
9) Are you worried by untidy surroundings?
10) Do you smile and laugh often?
11) Do you consider yourself a happy person?
12) Is your life fulfilling?
13) Do you make satisfactory relationships?
14) Do you have many friends?
15) Were your parents happily married?
16) Do you wish you were somebody else?
17) Are you satisfied with your appearance?
18) Do you feel other people respect you sufficiently?
19) Do you often feel tired &lack of enthusiasm for no good reason?
20) Do you think the future holds good things for you?
21 ) Have you ever thought that life is not worth the effort?
22) Do you suffer from fear of death & disease?
23) Do people connect with you readily?
24) Do you enjoy your studies/ job/work committed to?
25) Would you change your life, if you could?
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