Northern California Region 2020 World Service Conference Tally Sheet
NCRSC Voting Guideline: To provide every member of the Northern California Region of NA the opportunity to participate in the group conscience of the region. This can happen at home groups or in attendance of (1 of 4) Conference Agenda Report assemblies or online. Any member in attendance at a Conference Agenda Report (CAR) assembly may vote as an NA member. It is asked that a member vote only once. Voting will be totaled by the RSC FST after the final assembly. Results of the written and on-line ballots will be given at the final RSC before the WSC.

PLEASE SEND BALLOTS BY 11:59 PM ON APRIL 9, 2020. A best effort will be made to incorporate any ballots received after that time.
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Why are we collecting Email addresses?
We realize that there is a lot of information here, and many motions to respond to and questions to answer. Fortunately, you and/or your group don't need to vote on all items at once. By providing an email address, your progress can be saved after each section. If you submit without finishing the entire tally, you will receive an Email at the address provided displaying your answers to date, with an "Edit Response" link that you can click to return and continue working.

Please note that if you return to this page without using the "Edit Response" link provided in the Email, that may start a new tally. You will know this is happening because none of your previous answers will be displayed. In the case of duplicate tallies, we will only count the most recent one submitted.

Only submitted questions will be counted. Unanswered questions will not factor into the tabulation of results.

If you are not comfortable providing an Email address to this form, please contact the Regional Delegate at and request a PDF form version of the tally, which can be filled out and returned via Email.
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