2019 Continental Mycoblitz Registration
More information about the project can be found here: http://mycoflora.org/index.php/participate/continental-mycoblitz-2019
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Please join the event on iNaturalist before submitting this form: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/continental-mycoblitz-2019
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Personal Responsibility Statement - Collecting *
By participating in this event, I acknowledge that many areas have local regulations that may prohibit the collecting of mushrooms on specific properties. This includes many state and local parks across the country, and all national parks. I understand that specimens may not be collected or submitted from prohibited areas as a part of this project. Any specimen submitted from an area with limitations on collecting must have a collecting or scientific research permit sent with the collections in order for the specimens to be accepted.
Specimen submission *
I understand that specimens submitted for this event will not be returned to me. I understand that I am responsible for postage costs for submission of the specimens to the processing facility (Purdue University). I also understand that specimens not selected for sequencing may or may not be formally accessioned into herbaria. All specimens selected for DNA sequencing will be housed permanently in herbaria. All data and sequences that are shared to this project will become public information.
Liability Release and Promise Not to Sue *
By submitting this form, I hereby state that I understand there is some risk in participating in this mushroom event: risks one assumes by being away from home, risks associated with walking about in fields and woods, risks involved in eating wild mushrooms, risks of losing personal property by theft or misplacement, all other anticipated and unexpected risks. However, by registering for and attending this event, I agree to assume total responsibly during this event for my own safety and well-being and that of any minor children under my care, and for the protection of my and their personal property.I, therefore, release the North American Mycoflora Project, Inc. (NAMP), their trustees, officers, employees, contractors, partners, sponsors, associated organizations, and any other persons assisting in the planning and execution of the 2019 Continental Mycoblitz from liability for any sickness, injury, or loss that I or any minor children under my care may experience during the duration of this event or as a result of attending and participating in this event. I further promise not to file a lawsuit or make a claim against any of the persons occupying the positions listed above, even if they negligently cause me or my minor children injury or loss. This release and promise is part of the consideration I give in order to be allowed to register and participate in this event. I understand that submitting this form affects my legal rights. I intend it to apply not only to me but to anyone who may have the right to make a claim on my behalf.
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