JETAA Texoma: March Activities Survey
Hi, everyone!

Raphael, your new JETAA Austin-area regional rep, with some info! Hope everyone is starting to enjoy the spring weather coming in. ^_^ Now that we've entered our second year as an established JETAA Subchapter, let's keep the activities going! I'd like to hear from you guys about the kinds of things you're interested in doing each month. For March, the budget is not available yet, but I'd still like to get some ideas on some activities. If y'all are keen on self-funding an event, let's plan and enjoy!

Please answer the short survey below. I'll try to have results soon. Yoroshiku ne!

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Alumni Info--Where/What years/anything you'd like to share (Ex. ALT, Tokushima-Ken 2013-2016)
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Where are you coming from? (This is just to get an idea of where might be convenient for events, so if you'd like to choose more than one area that would be convenient for you to get to, you may choose up to 3) *
5) What kind of events are you interested in? A few ideas/examples of events going on in other chapters/subchapters are below. You may select any and all you'd be interested in, and please do add in any other ideas you have that you'd like to see happen! *
6) What are some of the resources & activities in town you know of / have been involved with to keep up your connection to Japan? Know any good language classes? Groups? Points of interest? Etc.
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7) Any other comments? Questions? Random quotes you have a burning desire to share?
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Thanks for taking the survey!
If you'd like to contact me directly, I'd love to hear from you! Write me at:
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