Thank you so much for helping give a deserving dog a second chance at their forever home.
Fostering rescue dogs is a very rewarding but sometimes challenging endeavour. Please review the following responsibilities required to foster a rescue dog, and if you are able to meet these responsibilities, please complete the foster application form.
As a foster, you will need to be able to provide love, patience, vet care (paid for by Big & Small), exercise, shelter, and quality food for your foster dog.
Please keep in mind, as most of our rescue dogs are strays, we have very little background information about them, and as such have no advanced knowledge of a dog's learned behaviours such as house training, obedience training, compatibility with children or cats etc. but we have a brief understanding of their temperaments.
Big and Small Rescue has no way of knowing the history or temperament of many of the animals coming into our rescue program. Therefore, we want you, as the foster, to be aware and use due caution when handling the foster animal. We ask that you remain aware that any animal may bite if provoked. Please do not permit your foster dog to be provoked by another dog, child, or person.
The dogs can come with existing health issues, and can be dirty, unkempt and/or ungroomed. Based on these known factors, it is imperative that all resident cats and dogs are up to date on all of their vaccines (DHPPV, Rabies and Bordetella). Please consult your veterinarian prior to submitting your foster application.
We ask that the Foster home will honour and fulfill the following:

 • Temporarily house and care for animal(s) belonging to Big and Small Rescue  

 • Treat this animal in a humane and loving way at all times, and to ensure that anyone else caring for or coming in contact with this animal will do the same.

 • Meet and respond to queries with potential adopters in a timely fashion, go to adoption events and vet appointments.

 • Provide this animal with any necessary medication or vet services approved by and paid for by Big and Small Rescue.

 • Keep the animal clean, well-groomed and safe from harm. Feed a wholesome pet food, (generally supplied by Rescue) and have fresh water available at all times.

 • Maintain the animal inside the premises of the Foster Home, not outside, nor in a garage or shed, etc. When foster parents are not around, the foster dog must not be left alone with any child under 18 years of age. For all children under the age of 18, parental monitoring must occur for ay interactions between the children and the foster dog.

 • The foster dog is NOT transferrable. Please do not leave the foster dog with anyone else other than you. Do not hand over the dog to anyone else for temporary or permanent care without the express and written permission of Big and Small Rescue. Contact your rescue coordinator if you are having scheduling issues.

 • Keep this animal on a leash when the animal is outdoors at all times, unless the animal is in a securely fenced area or securely fenced yard.

 • Allow Big and Small Rescue to make all serious decisions regarding this animal's welfare, e.g. obedience training, nutrition, method of discipline and vet care.

If you are willing to accept these responsibilities for fostering a rescue dog, thank you! Please complete the following questionnaire.

This application takes most people 10-20 minutes to complete.

Once we've received your foster application, we'll give it a review and then be in touch for a phone interview.

If you have photos of your home or your current pets that you'd like to send in with your application, please email them to from the same email address that you're listing on this application.

If you'd prefer to download a PDF version of this form, you find one at Completed PDFs can be submitted via email to
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Is there a specific Big & Small Rescue dog that you're interested in fostering? *
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Have you ever fostered a dog before? If yes, what was the rescue organization? *
Big and Small Rescue will handle all vet costs and will make appointments according to your schedule but you must be able to get the dog to the appointment. Is this an issue? *
Big and Small Rescue may request a visitation with you and the dog at a mutually convenient time. Is this an issue? *
Are you willing to foster a dog that may need some training? IE: potty training? *
Are you willing to foster long term if necessary? IE: several months? *
Do you have any fostering restrictions? IE: size, breed, age? *
Are you fostering with the intention to adopt? If yes, are you able to cover vet costs should the dog become ill or injured? *
Please list all the people who live in your home, including their ages. Include babies and children. (If nobody else lives in the home, please write N/A.) *
Who will have primary responsibility for the animal? *
If there are children in your home, are they used to dogs? *
If there are seniors in your home, are they used to dogs? *
Are all members of your household aware of your plans to foster an animal? *
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How would you describe your lifestyle? *
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Is there anything else you'd like us to know about your household?
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How long have you lived at your current address? *
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Is there anything else you'd like us to know about the property?
How many hours will the dog spend alone during the day? *
Where will the dog stay while you are away? *
Where will the dog sleep? *
Please list any dogs currently in the household. Include breed, age, gender, whether they are spayed/neutered. (If there are no dogs in the household, write N/A.) *
Please list all other pets currently in the household. Include breed, age, gender, whether they are spayed/neutered. Please indicate whether each animal is used to dogs. (If there are no pets in the household, write N/A.) *
If there are no pets in the household at this time, have you had any in the past six years? If yes, what happened to them? *
Is there anything else you'd like us to know about the other animals in the home?
What outdoor activities do YOU engage in? *
What kind of activities would you enjoy doing with the dog? *
Do you live close to a dog park, beach, or other area where the dog can socialize with other dogs, play, and have fun? *
What form of exercise will you provide the dog  and how often (hours per day)? *
Are you prepared for the fact that even with great vigilance puppies and dogs sometimes chew furniture, clothing, shoes, etc? *
Are you aware that small objects are a very real choking hazard for dogs? *
Are you aware of foods that are dangerous for dogs to ingest?  (ie xylitol (a sweetener in candies, toothpaste, chewing gum etc); chocolate; grapes; etc) *
Are you willing to work on any behaviour issues (ie fearfulness, separation anxiety)? *
Have you ever done special training with a dog? What type? *
What is your philosophy or method of training a dog? *
Are you willing to attend obedience training with the dog? *
Will all household members take part in training? If not, explain why. *
Have you ever owned a “rescued” animal before? If yes, describe. *
Have you ever owned a special needs animal before? If yes, describe. *
Have you dealt with behavioural issues before?  If yes, describe. *
Have you house-trained an animal?  Was it difficult? *
Have you crate-trained an animal?  Was it difficult? *
If necessary, how will you discipline your animal? *
What are you expecting from your dog? *
For what reason would you return a companion animal? *
Have you ever volunteered for the SPCA or other rescue group? *
Have you applied to any other rescue shelters/groups?  Which ones? *
How did you hear about this animal? *
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Secondary caregiver's occupation, if applicable:
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If you have photos of your home or your current pets that you'd like to send in with your application, please email them to from the same email address that you've listed on this application.

If there's anything you want to tell us about that we didn't ask about on the application, please go ahead and tell us about it here. If not, go ahead  and submit your form.
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