Youth Group Event "Scavenger Hunt - Rome"
Our first event this year will be an action-packed interactive production called "Scavenger Hunt - Rome."

From the website:
Your homeland is under attack and your only hope is to appeal to Rome. As residents of the island of Malta, you must convince Caesar to save your island from the brutal Tyrranians within the 60 minute time frame. If you don’t get an audience with Caesar and convince him to protect your homeland, your way of life will be destroyed by the Tyrranians and you and your loved ones will either be wiped out or sold as slaves. (And you'll lose the game!)
Each group will have several tasks along the journey: you will be given two tickets to the Colosseum to use as a bribe; you will have to solve two written clues, one Latin and one Runic, from codes; you will choose one person from your group to climb a rope to get a stolen chalice from a tree (or ask one of the characters) ; and fight a battle against the Visigoths with foam rocks. Along the way, you must retrieve three tributes to bring to Caesar in your 1st century scavenger hunt.
In this interactive, improvisational theater experience, you will have to convince several historical, costumed characters to help you - Agnes of Rome, a gladiator, the apostle Paul, and a senator's wife, among others. You will enter a Roman domus, with its triclinium and culina, as well as the Temple of Vesta, and the Forum.
Appropriate for ages 8 and up

Date: Friday, October 30 at 6:30pm
We will meet at Wooded Hills Church, 777 Hwy 164, Colgate, just 5 miles west of Menomonee Falls
Parents are welcome to drop off and pick up or stay and go through the Scavenger Hunt with us. If parents are going to stay, they need to register ahead of time with their youth so we can reserve a spot.
Cost: $12 per person (youth or adult)
Invite your friends! Costumes optional (any costume you want, dress for Rome, dress like the Little Mermaid, dress like anything or just be yourself). Facemasks required.
Register by Friday, October 23rd.

Invite your friends in 6th-12th grades.
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