Survey on scoring and ranking @
At we are exploring ways that we may be able to improve our racer ranking system.

We know you might think that this is a terrible idea, but we want to reassure you that the old ranking will still exist! This is our legacy ranking system and it will never disappear from the system. We may find that our ranking system, as it currently exists, needs no improvement. If this is the conclusion, then we will continue to ride this ranking system. But, if we can make improvements to the way that athletes are ranked, then we want to consider all options.

Indeed, we hope that an additional ranking will overcome some of the limitations of the current ranking system.
However, we would love to hear feedback from you about what you would like to see in this new system.

Please let us know your opinion by filling out this survey!
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Should all races count towards a runner's ranking (regardless of age of results) or should the system only consider those races completed in the past few years (say between 3-5 years)?
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Should all of a runner's races count towards the their ranking or only their best 5 or 10 results?
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Would you prefer a system where
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Should the new ranking system be weigher more heavily towards an athlete's finishing time (relevant to the winner's finishing time) or should a racer's finishing position carry more weight?
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Should DNFs in a race count towards an athlete's ranking?
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Would you prefer a ranking system that "evolves" over time through the use of machine learning or would you prefer a "fixed" ranking system that only changes through active edits by UltraSignup? Note that both UltraSignup and ITRA currently have "fixed" systems.
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Should depth of field (ranking of other athletes in the race) count towards a racer's score for that race? E.g., winning 1st place in a race where all runners have low ranking would improve a racer's overall ranking score less than winning 1st place in a race where all runners have high ranking (elite runners).
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Should the scoring system be gender neutral or categorized? Gender neutral means that we would have a single unique raking system for everyone - regardless of gender.
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To which gender identity do you most identify? *
What should a "fair" ranking system look like?
Can you think of other types of rankings and scores that you would like to see? For example, separate rankings for short vs. long distance races, or a ranking for legacy (career length and achievements), or grit (difficulty of accomplishments).
Can you think of other ways in which the current scoring system could be improved?
Let us know any further feedback you might have.
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