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Membership of the Phil is FREE if you have an MSA card, or $5 if you don't have one - if you don't already have an MSA card, grab one at http://msa.monash.edu/msa-card/ or visit the MSA desk (Campus Centre, Level 1) before you sign up!
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e.g. jssmi1 or jsmi0001, the bit before "@student.monash.edu" in your Monash email address. If you're not a Monash student, please enter your mobile phone number instead.
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If you are enrolled at another Monash campus (e.g. Caulfield), please click "No".
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If you don't have your MSA card yet, sign up at: http://msa.monash.edu/msa-card/
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Please only answer this question if you are a Monash student, or select "Not studying at Monash Clayton". If you are studying a double degree, please select both faculties.
Playing Member Information
Are you a new member of the Phil? *
What group(s) do you intend to play in? *
For more information on each of our groups, visit our website: www.monashphil.org
Which instrument(s) do you play? *
Approximate standard for main instrument: *
We hold two rehearsal camps per year! Would you be interested in coming along to join in the fun? *
The first camp this year is from the 5th to the 7th of April at Allambee reserve! They are always very fun and are extremely productive (we do a LOT of rehearsing). There is also a free bus that we provide to make transport easier!
Membership & Confidentiality
As required by C&S your information will be kept confidential at all times and will be deleted and/or destroyed at the end of your 2019 membership. Your information provided on this form may also be added to the C&S database system to list you as a member of this Society.

Your email address may remain on our mailing lists after the conclusion of your membership, however the option to unsubscribe will always be provided should you no longer wish to receive emails from the Phil.

Photos are likely to be taken at Phil-related events and used on our website and as part of publicity for the Phil. Where possible your permission will be requested before a photo is used. Note that this only applies to photos published by MUPS Committee; photos may still posted onto other sites such as Facebook by members or others.

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