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All Classroom and Staff Meeting Presentations are FREE of cost.
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Do you need a Project SWELL Kit?
The entire curriculum AND all materials are FREE OF COST.
Do you use an interactive whiteboard (ex. SMART board) or screen and projector for a PowerPoint presentation in your classroom?
We ask that you download the PowerPoint for our instructor to use during your classroom visit.
Would you like to schedule a staff meeting or classroom presentation and hands-on lesson?
We are happy to demonstrate lessons for staff or students depending on your needs.
Number of participants (total number of students or teachers participating)
Teachers' participation in the hands-on component of the presentation is extremely important. Please be ready to help our instructor before, during, and after the activity. Our goal is that you learn to teach the lesson that we are demonstrating and will use your Project SWELL kit with your students in the future!
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