2017 NVG Call for Proposals Submission Form
Thank you for your interest in presenting at the National Village Gathering! Please fill out the form below and submit it by April 14, 2017. Do not leave this form without pressing the submit button at the end or you will lose all of your entered information. If you need to leave the form and finish at a later time, enter at least one word in all of the required fields and press submit. A popup with provide you with a link to go back in and edit your submission form later. Edits will be able to be made until April 14, 2017. At that time we will consider all submitted forms final. The first section of this form contains all information needed for the content of your session. The other sections include information on speakers. Please email nvg17@vtvnetwork.org if you have any questions.
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Please keep this a brief summary of your session, this will be included on the website and in the program if your session is selected.
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The full description will provide the reviewers with a more in depth overview of your entire session. Please provide as much detail as possible.
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