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Nebraska Exposed Merges with Midcoast Takeover in 2019!
We are excited to announce that the Nebraska Exposed unofficial SXSW showcase will be joining the Midwest Music Foundation's, Midcoast Takeover in 2019! Midcoast Takeover has been showcasing Midwest talent since 2010 and has grown into a four-day, two-stage event with a permanent home at Shangri-La in Austin, TX! It's a match made in event heaven to join forces with the Midwest Music Foundation as our missions align to showcase the great artistry that our states have to offer.

PLEASE NOTE, Nebraska Exposed is not a "money making" event. You will be compensated by an even percentage split after production costs based on event sponsorship's obtained. However, this is an opportunity to network your band with other touring bands, build your fan base, and possibly connect with record labels that will be down in Austin, TX for SXSW. We highly recommend trying to book yourself for other day parties and showcases while in Austin, and including this event date when booking your upcoming spring tour, or plan on booking a short round trip run around the date. We will be happy to recommend venues on the route down to the showcase that include Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, if your application is approved!

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KZUM Summer Concert Series at Stransky Park
The summer concert series celebrated 15 years in 2018! KZUM has been proud to produce this annual event for the last five years. We look forward to expanding the event even more in 2019, as we will be featuring a non-profit organization at each of our weekly concerts. Food trucks, interactive art, community resources and live music will be available for guests to attend for free, every Thursday from 7-9 p.m. at Stransky Park, located in Lincoln's Irvingdale Neighborhood.
If interested in our KZUM Summer Concert Series at Stransky Park, please check a minimum of 3 dates you are available to perform during the concert series. * Please note you must be able to fill a set time of at least 90 minutes *
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