Green Monday Restaurant Program - Partnership Engagement Form 餐廳伙伴計劃參加表格
Please fill in the blanks and upload the required supporting files to complete the form. Thank you.
請填寫有關資料及上傳相關檔案以完成參加表格, 謝謝。
Partnership Details 合作詳情
Restaurant name 餐廳名稱 *
Company Name 公司名稱 *
Contact person 聯絡人 *
Email 電郵 *
Telephone 電話 *
Cuisine 菜式 *
Introduction of the restaurant 餐廳簡介 *
In English/Chinese within 100 words 請以中或英文提供100字以內簡介
Logo of the restaurant 餐廳標誌 *
Please upload your logo and use "company_logo" as file name. 請上載您的餐廳標誌並以「公司名稱_logo」命名。
No. of shop(s) 店鋪數目 *
Shop address 店鋪地址 *
Please provide full store list and the address of your flagship store. 請提供全部分店地址及旗艦店地址
Do’s and Don’ts for Green Menu 綠色餐單要須知
-Can be used for Green Dishes (including soup, drinks and desserts)適用於Green Monday 餐單的材料(包括湯、飲品及甜品)
1. Eggs 雞蛋
2. Dairy products 奶類製品 (包括牛奶、芝士、忌廉等)
3. Onions 蔥
4. Garlic 蒜
-Cannot be used for Green Dishes (including soup, drinks and desserts)不適用於Green Monday 餐單的材料(包括湯、飲品及甜品)
1. All meat & seafood 任何肉類、海鮮
2. Seasonings with meat and seafood (oyster sauce, fish sauce, chicken powder stock etc.) 任何肉類製品及調味料 (包括雞粉、魚露、蠔油、豬油等)
Green Menu 綠色餐單
Please upload your green menu and use "company_greenmenu" as file name. It is appreciated if you can include Green Monday logo / Go Green Message in your menu design. 3-4 dishes including at least one main course, appreciated if there are some vegan main course option. 請上載您的綠色餐單並以「公司名稱_special」命名。請包括Green Monday 標誌 / 宣傳標語在餐單設計上。須提供最少3-4款素食選擇,當中1款為主食,歡迎提供純素菜式作主食。
Menu highlight 餐單特點
Any special ingredients / selling points etc. 請列出餐單賣點,例如特別的食材等。
Launch period 供應時段 *
e.g. Monday to Sunday Whole day 例如: 星期一至日全日供應
Dish photos 照片 *
Please upload 3-4 photos of your Green Menu dishes, (at least 1 MB for each photo and use "company_dish name" as the file name) 請上載3-4張綠色餐單的照片 (每張照片最少1 MB及請以「公司名稱_菜式名稱」命名)
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